Loft interior design ideas – how to furnish a modern apartment

Where did the idea come to equip a home for a place traditionally suited only for old things, but not for living? It is believed that the first people rushed into the apartments of abandoned warehouses, and factories in New York City. It is important to note that they have succeeded.

And the people of the secluded apartments had to taste such an innovation, and they decided to bring some details from what they saw at their home. What good trends can I borrow from a modern person from the loft style?

brick interior design loft home office ideas

It’s excellent for small studio apartments and the design of spacious apartments and office space. The maximum functionality at a relatively low cost and a minimum of redundancy is all in full compliance with today’s current trends and the general international fashion.

In the case of an external visual, the repair in the loft style means an artistic concept that resembles an industrial or storage space. It’s like rough walls, huge windows, sometimes all the height, different pipes, beams, communications, and so on. A variety of beams and non-disguised auxiliary structures are very relevant in this interior. The bottom and top are the lighter colors, but the walls mostly have a brick color or a coarse plaster.

The loft makes it possible to expand consciousness and to combine opposed motives. It is not alien to the diversity of ancient and innovative compounds. The classic attic of negligence, which is characteristic of the style, is very organically to fit the progressive telescope that is directed to the sky from the window. Well, why not? Also, the loft courageously draws ideas from Golden antiquity: The Roman columns in the finishing bordering on modernism are extremely successful.

modern loft kitchen ideas

Paper or liquid wallpaper, decorative finishes, long, intricate drawings-loft such a waste of time, energy and resources does not approve and suggest that the walls remain pristine. The exception may be that the brick part of the wallpaper or a real imposing masonry.

The loft style is more appropriate for: People of creative professions, the so-called bohemian: In the style, the loft is easy to equip a workshop and exhibition hall in one area, i.e., the most daring ideas into practice.

Economic people: The style of a loft is suitable for individuals who have a financial question at a sharp, minimum cost, and simplicity in everything – the main creed of the style.

Owners of apartments with free planning: The windows to the floor and the great space are the best bases for the style, and in this room, you can “walk.”

People with a desire to stand aside: Such a description would be a wonderful place for young people whose traction to all the new and unstandardized would help to fit the apartment in style of the loft better.

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Zoning and layout

However, the use of structures, invoices and color decisions is far from the only difference that this style has with most others. One of the main features of a loft-style apartment is the virtual absence of partitions, doors, and walls. Of course, except for the structural and constituent perimeter of the room!
The rest of the space is generally used at maximum to the highest level of functionality.

Most often, in this interior, there is an organic coexistence between a kitchen slab and a dining table, a double bed and household appliances and works of art or the sweet heart of things!


The loft is therefore called a universal and even paradoxical concept because it allows for the use of a variety of design decisions and the use of sometimes much unexpected materials and tricks. However, there are certain general principles according to which space takes on a characteristic of that style.

Loft wall ideas

One of the main features distinguish the lofted walls is their deliberate rudeness and ungrooming. The most common in interiors is imitation brick. Also, invoices or finishing materials are often used to create a visual impression that the processing of walls has not been given due consideration. Interestingly enough, the expensive and quality finishing materials are often used to do this!

Another “chip” of the style is that; there is no need to disguise radiators, tubes, and various communications. On the contrary, the loft is like showing them. This can be done in such a way that it will not resemble some uninhabitable space, but will give the housing the originality and the non-standard design.

It is these signs of democracy pleases and lack of Paphos that have brought this very unusual style of interiors to this very high popularity!

Building a loft in a room with high ceilings

The canonical ceiling is a rough surface with defects bubbles. The presence of metal or concrete beams further reinforces the impression of the original interior.

Loft conversion floor plan ideas

Classical materials for floor decoration in the loft style-tile under the rock, granite, or amp, simulating an aged wooden board. It is much less common to use linoleum or some other floor cover.

The exception is the material that could give the impression of the raw concrete. In the recent past, there have been a lot of tanker floors, but not glossy, but a limitless degree of matte.

Furniture layout

The classical canons say furniture in this interior should profess the principles of minimalism, but be stylish and functional. It is hard to achieve this paradoxical task because it is the task of the professionals. However, there may be exceptions to any rule. With a certain dexterity, you can even make the furniture in style lofts with your own hands; the main thing is that it is perfect for the interior!

Also, the existence of a sufficiently long distance between the subjects of the situation is a critical condition. One of the main principles of the loft is the maximum free space!

Who says the mirrors are on the wall? You can build mirrors into a long row on the floor. It looks amazing! Good news for photographers and artists: an arsenal of professional possessions — a set of lenses, or easel, forgotten by you at the site of the Muse attack, in the atmosphere of the loft would look like a decoration, not a sign of forgetfulness or remains.

All must have and justify their purpose. So when you select the furniture, focus on its strength, durability, and ease of care, and then you can also look at the high fashion trends.

Accessories and Decor

Despite all the brutality, democracy, deliberate the incompleteness and negligence of the style, the various accessories, and decor elements are given the utmost attention. Different paintings; paintings on the walls, photo collages, vases, some other decor elements – all this not only does not seem inappropriate, but it is also an integral and essential part.

Interior features in different rooms

Originally, the “loft” style was intended for single rooms and so-called studio apartments, and today it is also actively used for the design of multi-family apartments. Accordingly, depending on the purpose of the particular room, there are certain subtleties and nuances.

Living room and bedroom

The living room and bedroom in the loft style, on the one hand, must conform to the basic principles of the design concept — rough walls, ceiling beams, huge windows, a good view of communication, and so forth. On the other hand, the furniture in these rooms may be the most varied, from the vintage landscape, styled in the 50 years of the 20th century, to the furniture in the spirit of “Hi-Tec,” which was carried out from the most modern materials and with innovative design.

It would be very nice to have a loft style in the interior of the living room, which again could be a different classical course as well as a modern or avant-garde art. We must not forget the same thing as the decor and the various accessories.

Loft apartment kitchen

In principle, the design of a lofted kitchen is very different from other rooms. The only thing that dictates basic common sense considerations is that; the use of linoleum, trip ceilings, and paper wallpaper in the kitchen is not feasible.

The best option is to use one of the floor tiles and modern wall lining materials. You can use absolutely any kind of household equipment and the dining table is hosted in the center of the room.

Conversion with bathroom

There’s no need to hide the communication, but on the ceiling, it’s quite a regular squirrel or waterproof plastic panels with different decor. But the pure brick walls will not fit-you have to use the tiles. Well, it’s best to put granite on the floor.

Style in a small apartment

The design of a small apartment in a loft style presents complexity only regarding zoning and layout because the direction implies a near total absence of partitions. However, this problem can be solved by the difference in colour or the depth of the floor coating, bying the areas of rest, food intake and so on.

Or, still, use partitions, but lungs are invisible. For example, with a transparent top and a matte bottom.
In all else, the style of the interior of a lofted apartment is no different from that of large areas. It is not a waste of this style that is most often used to create unique interiors in studio apartments.


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