Bright And Bold Interiors In house

Bright and bold interiors for contemporary houseĀ is creative and incorporating unique decor. Use a modern style, the design of the house is mostly dominated with white and some giant glasses. The whole appearance of the house is very amazing and stylish reflect the luxurious comfort and modern lifestyle of its owners.
Located in a magnificent natural suburbs in Cleveland, this home is surrounded by a freshing green and colorful trees which make you always connect to the environment. The large glasses on the walls result a bright and roomy house. The structure of this house is divided into two wings. The first wing has living, dining, and entertainment rooms which are more open. While another wing consists of the bedrooms, an exercise room, and a home office which is designed more private.
The amazing and large open-kitchen connects both wings of the house. The kitchen is also connected to the dining room, which the unique thing is the non uniform dining chairs. The each six dining chair use different color and motif.

Having a meal in the dining room, you are able to enjoy the beautiful view of the backyard and the two pools; the reflective pool and the swimming pool. Built in two levels, this house has two stairs that connect the first level and the second level. The designers have considered that the owners can enjoy the environment around this house while having activities inside by applying some large glasses around the house. The master bedroom itself is designed very modern and stylish.


A black platform bed in king size, a soft maroon rug, a white sofa support the modern design of the house. A glass door connects the bedroom to the master open-bathroom. The bathroom furniture are all in white, the bathtub, the sinks, the wall, even the floor.

There is no other words I can say except it is a wonderful and amazing house. The design, the furniture, the pools, everything is perfect except the dining chair. However, this interiors design ideas are magnificent.



5 Photos of the Bright And Bold Interiors In house


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