Building Pergola Designs

Selecting the right site is the very first step to do in building pergola designs. In selecting the best possible location remember to look for the place maximizing winter sun while keeping away summer sun. Do not pick a spot that is actually already in the shade. A specific spot in need of protection or privacy would be the best place to choose for the pergola.

Once you have found the right spot then prepare the site or location for the actual building of pergola designs. In preparing the site you will have to make sure that there are no such lines of water, gas, drainage, or sewer under the site. If there is any simply mark the area so that they would not be damaged. Then mark the area using string line to decide the position for posts which are essential part of the pergola plans. Once you have done the preparation try to do it again in a quick time just in case there are things missed out.

building a pergola

Setting the posts of the pergola designs would be the next thing to do. Ensure to dig up the appropriate holes for the posts so that the result will be satisfying at the end. Since you will be using concrete then follow the instructions of the use for better result. Do not forget also to use spirit level to check the ground level of the posts. You need to leave the concrete for at least 48 hours before doing the next step of pergola ideas.

Those are the initial steps of building the pergola. Once those things are done the rest would just be building the roof frame then simply attaching the completed frame on the pools. Once the roof has been placed on its place you will just have to secure the connection between the roof and the posts of the pergola designs that you are building.

pergola ideas

22 Photos of the Building Pergola Designs

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