Green Environment Home: Taste of Nature in Your Home

Living in the green environment home can give a big meaning to your life. I know I prefer to have green in my place. Green mean does not have to be the all coloring in green, but also for the color of nature such as brown and ivory. For people who live in the city, sometimes seeing green or anything nature is a scarcity. There is lack of green around, especially when you work at normative office.


The touch of green can be by putting plant around the house. But rather than keep them scattered, it is better to put them in specific place with big pots or made-by-order glass cabinet.

2 pendant lamps 3 green candles Washbasin Faucet Wooden dining table

Just like in this house. The feeling of green is build up with putting green plant at the side of the kitchen. Wooden kitchen cabinet with granite stone at top is a good choice to give the kitchen natural feelings. Show off your kitchen ingredient to give homey feelings. You do not have to hide those ingredients that you use daily.


The feeling will enlighten again when I see the table. I must confess that the table that is made of wood, not a sleek wood, but made of seemingly rough board is perfect to show natural taste. The table gets prettier since there are green candle lining at the center of the table.

Although the chairs that is supposed to be acquainted with the table is more modern in style, but it is not make the kitchen and dining room less than nature.

White towel Books 2 green candles Blue pot Painting

Pots were located in every corner of the house. Remind me of fresh smell of green. When your place is limited by walls, but you need to feel green, this idea may works. Instead of having walls or blocked partition in your private bathroom at the bedroom, use the glass partition with green plant inside.

See, with glass partition allows the light from the bedroom to go inside the bathroom, while at the same time giving spatial feelings. It will be very relaxing to shower while at the same time feeling the present of green plant inside the glass partition.

There are two kitchens available inside the house. One kitchen is sleeker than the other.

Dominate with white color and marble table as an island make it look modern. Modern lighting above the island, make the look more edgy. Simple cabinet is place around the electric stove, with coffee maker next to the stove. Minimalist accents also shown from simple sink.

The other kitchen look more fun with the adding of orange color and sketches on the wall. Although still using the electric stove, but this kitchen have something more. It has oven and microwave on the side of the build-op cabinet.

At front of the orange kitchen has an island too but in wooden tone and has drawer beneath it. Next to the island there is a dining table that fit for 8 people. The table is made by wooden board, matching the island. The chairs also have match color tone as the wooden board.


8 Photos of the Green Environment Home: Taste of Nature in Your Home

White towel Books 2 green candles Blue pot PaintingWhite bedsheet Bed pillows Hanging wall painting Plant DoorThe captivating of White Hexagon Wall Tiles White Water Closet White Washbasin Faucet Lamp image aboveWhite towel Bath set Indoor garden Glasses wall Hexagon wall tiles2 pendant lamps 3 green candles Washbasin Faucet Wooden dining table6 black dining chairs Wooden dining table 3 pendant lamps 3 green candles Kitchen cabinetPendant lamp Wooden dining table Washbasin Faucet 3 black chairs 3 green candleTowels White bedsheet White washbasin Mirror Indoor garden

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