High tech style interior design

High-tech style in the interior is quite common in recent times due to its versatility. Living room especially looks good in this style.

General characteristics of high-tech style in interior room

This style is the newest of the existing ones. Began its spread it is at the end of the twentieth century. It consists in the use of scientific and popular literature and films of space science and using cutting-edge materials.

bedroom hi-tech

First, the term “high tech” used only in relation to architectural structures, space orientation, and then these ideas found their application in the interior.

Key features of the high-tech style in the living room

Key features of the high-tech style in the living room: straight lines, cool colors, lots of metal, plastics and glass, much of modern technology and lighting design.

  • cold and bright tone;
  • angles and lines;
  • use as basic materials metal, glass and plastic;
  • the lack of plant motifs and ornaments;
  • rationality and minimalism;
  • the presence of colors with a metallic sheen;
  • modern technology;
  • hidden suspension, lighting design and all manner of lighting.

Inappropriate use in the interior in the style of hi-tech a large number of napkins and pillows for the sofa, draping, luxury and stucco elements. High-tech in the interior must consist of the most simplified forms of. Main components: lighting, a metallic glint.

colors of the high-tech

The color scheme of the high-tech style

The main colors of the high-tech style is white, black, grey, but you can add bright, glossy accents of red, green, orange colors. High-tech style will not recognize all sorts of small decorative items. Details should be simple and functional, different, attractive and distinct shapes.

The design is chosen textured and stylish. Some designers believe that the style of hi-tech is not feasible in the living room, because this room should be a pragmatism and house spirit at the same time. However, in the presence of imagination, endurance and a kind glance at the decor, it can be done.

For example, replacing large and heavy cabinets on light racks with closed and open niches. The perfect solution is to use a weightless canisters, which feature a textured glass or mirrors. This allows you to adhere to the basic law of high-tech style in the interior: the room should be through.

Lightness in the interior is introduced by dilution of the heavy metal elements of textile. For example, an air curtain or blanket perfectly distinguish high-tech style and give the room coziness.

It is best to stay on natural fabrics. When choosing furniture, you must ensure that glass and metal blends seamlessly with the decorated fabrics. The main colors of this style is cold grey and white. But you can do an accent of bright shades with metallic gloss:

  • green;
  • black;
  • red;
  • orange.

Flooring living room select sleek and glossy

You can choose:

  • Furniture high-tech style is straightforward, clear forms, made of wood, glass and metal
  • parquet Board;
  • ceramic tile;
  • linoleum;
  • glossy laminate.

Better not to use matte Board, parquet or carpet. Not the best way would be to look Wallpaper checkered, stripes or patterns. For the walls are selected non-woven plain Wallpaper. Or they can be painted with glossy or matte paint.

Since the high-tech in some way intersects with an urban style will look perfectly the walls of a large stone, brick or stucco. Sometimes you can use a wall mirror glossy metal and polystyrene panels. The ceiling of the living room can be:

  • metallic rack;
  • stretch glossy;
  • hanging with complex designs original forms and many built-in fixtures.

The decor and light in the style of hi tech

Light style much, it’s and spotlights, and local and local and a lot of hidden highlights.
High-tech style involves the use of lighting design in the form of spotlights. In addition, the luminous flux is used as the distribution zone of the room. With this purpose, string lights.

Embedding them from below makes the atmosphere intimate. High-tech style in the living room, even in upholstered furniture, it implies the existence of gloss. Brilliant light skin will look flawless with a coffee table made of glass with chrome parts.

Regarding paintings we can note that it will be appropriate black and white photo of any urban images that are placed in frames made of plastic or metal. High-tech style of the other decorations is not intended. But can be used outdoor lamps. Reflecting in the shiny surface, the light will fill the room.

Upholstered furniture must have a strict form with a glossy leather and plain cloth upholstery. The wall is usually a small shape with smooth glossy exterior. Can also have the following types of furniture:

  • coffee table;
  • rack;
  • shelves;
  • tables.


8 Photos of the High tech style interior design

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