Romantic bathroom design ideas (featured pictures)

A bathroom is a space that can be turned from functional into fun! There are so many romantic bathroom ideas and for romantic couples in bathrooms that can transform this cold, functional space into a whole other world! Perfect for the romantic couple.

When we think of a bathroom we often think of dragging ourselves into the shower in the very early morning before work. Or we might think of having to clean the toilet and the sink bowl!


Or maybe we think of it as being a purely functional space that in unremarkable but a necessary room in every home. Time for a change of mind!

Think romance, candles, romantic couples, low lighting and flower petals! There are lots of ways to change your boring bathroom into a romantic, beautiful space.

The color red is essential when it comes to creating a romantic space, especially if it is for romantic couples in bathrooms! Don’t worry if there isn’t any red in your bathroom yet, we have lots of ideas how you can add this romantic and seductive color!


An easy way to add so blushing red is through hand towels and face towels that might be sitting folded on a standing cabinet or perhaps hanging on a handrail. Use a deep red towel to add instant color to the bathroom. You could also use a red hand soap, even one that just comes in a red container. Another idea to add some romantic red is through candles and rose petals!

You could place red candles on the window sill or the rim of the bathtub. With red flower or rose petals, these are perfect for the romantic couples in the bathroom! You can scatter red petals on the tub or shower tray. These add an instant, romantic effect, so beautiful! You can even put the petals in a heart shape or perhaps to spell the name of your romantic partner! Or fill the bath with steaming hot water, and let the rose petals fall to float romantically on the surface, while steam rises; beautiful!

There are lots of ways to scatter red petals and place red candles and hand towels to add a little of the colour of love.

If your bathroom has a bathtub then you are lucky! This is the perfect tool to create romantic bathroom ideas and see your bathroom transfer into something inspiring. As we mentioned above, you can set candles around the rim of the tub.

They don’t have to be red, white candles are beautiful when lighting too, and don’t interfere with any colour. Candles offer low, flickering lighting around a tub filled with warm water and bath salts.

You can add a bucket of ice and two champagne glasses. This is a classic and classy idea to add a bit of style to your low lit bathroom.


8 Photos of the Romantic bathroom design ideas (featured pictures)

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