Small inground swimming pools design

Have you always wanted a pool in your house but think your backyard does not have enough space? It’s time to think about getting a very small inground swimming pool!

Size is relative; you may not want an Olympic sized pool or have room for one but that does not mean that you do not deserve a pool. What is in your eyes a mundane and small backyard can be considered luxurious by others.

Rectangular pool with waterfall

There are certain designs for inground swimming pools for small backyards specifically that can allow you to have all the fun of a swimming pool without having a spacious backyard.

Get your own small inground swimming pool today

Designing a small pool into your backyard should not always be a hassle, and the results will leave you astounded and excited for all the fun you will have as you have a new place to hang out with friends and family just a few steps away from your living room!

A small pool will make staying home for your next vacation all the more enticing. Small pools are gaining popularity in urban households. With a little innovation and an ingenious small inground swimming pool design your dream can be a reality. A small pool is good for your health as swimming has been proven to be an excellent exercise and an excellent place to have a party during the summers!

inground swimming pools for small backyards

There are a few types of small inground swimming pools that you can choose from.

Go simple with a rectangular pool! Most modern urban housesare designed with straight lines and cubic forms; a rectangular pool is just an extension of that existing design. A small rectangular pool on the deck will elevate the beauty of your backyard.

The rectangular inground pool is risk free and a classic; you can start with one that is as small as 9 by 18 feet. Just throw around a few deck chairs and you have a place to relax after a hard day at work.

If simple is not what you have in mind, you can always play it up by getting a circular or semi-circular pool. Or you can even get an irregular shaped pool with cool ‘curves’ to change the aesthetic of your deck or backyard and transport yourself to a resort vacation instantly!

A small circular inground swimming pool with the right lighting and setting can look amazing and transform the feel of your house.

Is your backyard really small and you think a rectangular or circular pool won’t fit in? There is a type of swimming pool you can try; the plunge pool! A plunge pool does not need a lot of width or length and can fit in very small spaces; this type of pool requires depth.

A plunge pool are easy to maintain and are aesthetically pleasing. With the right furniture and lighting, they can alter the feel of your backyard. Don’t let space hinder you; you can enjoy a small inground swimming pool in your own tiny backyard too!

8 Photos of the Small inground swimming pools design

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