Various Tips on Pinstripe Designs

Pinstripe designs are basically one specific from of art in painting tings. It basically uses thin lines as the basic form that would be combined in many numbers to create a specific pattern or shape resulting in a beautifully looking masterpiece at the end. This thing is often found in custom modified cars and motorcycles with the point of use are to enhance the visual appeal of the cars and motorcycles.

One useful tip of the pinstripe designs is related to the thinning paint step. It is wrong that many people over-thin the paint so that they could get thin lines. This is wrong because the thinner the paint the durability will be reduced that will result in not so long lasting piece of art at the end. In order to get the best result in creating pinstripes simply use hardener both on your paint and your clear coat paint. Once you have done the pin-striping apply the clear coat then you will have a durable result of auto pinstripe designs.

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The use of bugler striper is also recommended in pinstripe designs especially to create long straight lines. It does not against the basic common rules of pin-striping though. Yet it will make the pin-striping easier if you have to create long straight lines. The brushes for pin-striping are essential in affecting the final result. So be sure to try out the available brushes until you could find the one that you feel the best for you. Each person has different feeling so different striping brushes are needed to create pinstripe for cars.

When laying out the design of pin-striping it is okay to use some aids such as grid. Just ensure that you are not using grease pencil to draw the helping grid since the paint will not be able to go through the grease pencil lines. That will give a not so good result of the pinstripe designs at the end.

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