Home interior in Spanish style – from floor to ceiling

The interior, transformed by the colorful, textural, extremely living ornaments in the Spanish style.

The elements of interior design in Spanish style

Finishing materials should be chosen accordingly to the style. It is best suitable for that heavy of finishing mortars: plaster, gypsum. Your chosen color will create a more grandiose effect when applied to the rough surface of the wall. This adds effect and depth of profiling. Consider creating a mural on the wall as a tapestry ornament that will also increase the volume, color and add liveliness.

The home interior in mexican style

Spanish interior walls

Outdoor tile is also a good option, as ceramic and clay and both fit well into the interior. Select a small rug to match the color of other elements. The appearance of the Windows from the inside must also display a Spanish style. The decoration around the Windows can be very different depending on the environment.

Most requested option – wooden shutters, which were popular for more than one century, and are still attractive today. However, other options, and they can be implemented under the order and in accordance. Use lighting fixtures in wrought iron, copper or even tin, and richly painted, with glass or ceramic shades.

Wall sconces, table lamps, candlesticks and chandeliers should match the decor of the room. Its unique charm will give the room a fireplace, which you can also create special illumination and atmosphere.

Interior of the hall in the spanish style

A variety of accessories in the Spanish style throughout the house give it flavor and concentrate on the attention. Authentic Spanish decor, such as ornaments, pottery and porcelain, must intertwine with the theme of the basic elements of clay and other ceramics, iron and copper. To give the walls a color and the whole interior – the spirit of Spain, art design elements should play a main role. Use wooden ornate or antique frames.


12 Photos of the Home interior in Spanish style – from floor to ceiling

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